What We Do

As a diversified portfolio investment company, OakVision starts, develops and invests in South African and African-based start-ups and established enterprises.

The company’s investment portfolio comprises of three main divisions:

  • General Diversified Portfolio Investments;
  • Private Equity, which typically invests in high-growth potential enterprises; and
  • Venture Capital, which focuses on early-stage traditional and tech-startups which have the potential to disrupt the world. The venture capital division works closely with our start-up incubator to ensure proper and quality training for our start-up partners. The business incubator is a unique accelerator that offers incubation, acceleration, business development and getting traction in African markets.

Our interests span across South Africa and Africa in the following industries: Tourism; Education & Healthcare; Mining; Advertising; Property Development; Manufacturing; and Events.

Capital is raised through a variety of institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals whose ROI and safe exit options are guaranteed. Capital raised assists with financing projects, enterprise acquisitions and diversified investments.